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How do you capture the scope and depth of your life in an 8.5 x 11 white paper?  One dimensional thinkers in times past (pre social networks) could be captured in a white box, but the transformation of networks to social networks, face-to-face to online conversations have changed the rules of engagement.

Traditional resumes or resume 1.0 are dead and it is not because of the Green movement.
As a personal brand you engage your community, perspective employers, customers, and future business partners through a series of brand impressions that can be leveraged through your online community. With social networks like Twitter, Linkedin, VisualCV and Slideshare and other free tools a person can more effectively communicate their personal brand and what makes them different?

Definition of Visual Resumes –  Is a visual communicator of your personal brand that creatively tells your story through a brief series of images, ideas, and experiences that are  in a sharable and searchable format.

Examples of Visual Resumes
o    Dustin Sommer – A student from my Personal Branding Class (@Dustin Sommer)
o    Saranyan Vigraham - Employee at Qualcomm (@Saranyan)

Goal of Visual Resumes: Extend the engagement of your personal brand (Employers spent 20-30 seconds viewing resumes)

Visual Resume Elements
o    Brief - Recommend 15-20 pages
o    Story Telling Format
o    Avatar- Global ID
o    Spreadable – Embed into your blog, Linkedin, and Twitter
o    Searchable – The use of tags for searchability in the social network and in Google
o    Images – Sources: Flickr and istock photo

Why Create a Visual Resume?
o    Shows your creativity
o    Optimize your elevator pitch.
o    Think in soundbites
o    Practice story telling
o    Extends the engagement.

A Note to GRUSTLERS:  (Grind-to-Hustle)
Especially if you are a GRUSTLER, the traditional resume doesn’t work.  Your resume is probably loaded with experience that is not directly related with your passion and doesn’t do you justice.  You need away to communicate the varying dimensions of your life.

Share a link to your visual resume.

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Interesting talk by Evan Williams of Twitter at the TED Conference where he talks about the unexpected uses of Twitter. The success of Twitter has been chronicled as it has hit the mainstream media. At this point in my life I couldn’t imagine going through the day without my laptop or blackberry to check the pulse of the world through the eyes of the Twitter community.What grabbed me the most about his talk was the fact that Twitter started off as a side project. The first word that comes to mind after watching the video is the word GRUSTLE.

GRUSTLE is the combination of a daily Grind (job) and a Hustle (your passion) and most people are caught between the two. Most peoples side project is their passion, which I believe fuels their success.

The average person is one side project away from their greatness. What side project are you working on?

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Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has planned his first appearance since the text message incident broken last week. His press conference is scheduled for tonight at Greater Emmanuel Institutional Church of God in Christ in Detroit, MI.
A lot has transpired over the last week and many questions have yet to be answered.

Does your personal life affect your business life? This is a question that gets raised often, as a personal brand I don’t believe you can divide the two. There are countless cases where inappropriate decisions or character has cost people their careers and/or future earnings. As you elevate your personal life becomes less and less personal and people demand greater access, right, wrong, or indifferent it comes with the territory. Political officials are highly visible personal brands who are compensated by tax dollars, which requires them to live in a fishbowl. In this day in age you truly have to live your life as if you are on camera 24/7, with technology you are one sound bit, video clip, or text message (no pun intended) away from impacting the reputation of your personal brand.

He’s already branded, ‘The Hip-Hop Mayor’, can his reputation be impacted any further? What will his legacy be as the Mayor of Detroit? Can he re-brand himself? Will his effectiveness be compromised? Is he still capable? Will he have support? Can he be trusted? Can he be re-elected? Is his image tarnished? Are there any other issues that need to be addressed?

Does his personal life hamper his ability to function effectively as Mayor? In many cases people lose opportunities not because of their technical ability to carry out their responsibilities, but on issues that are non-related. Personal branding is anything but personal, it is how you personally package and position yourself for public presentation. Tonight the Mayor will address Detroit’s Nightmare.  Let me know your thoughts.
Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick  Originally uploaded by Sybil Star