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Michael Jackson, originally uploaded by houlouis.

The King of Pop. Thriller. The White glove. The Leather jacket. The moonwalk. Michael Jackson was one of the greatest entertainers and most influential artist to ever live. As I learned of his DEATH I began to think about the imprint that his LIFE made on so many people.

As a personal brand strategist I think in terms of legacy and human currency versus just dollars. There was a point in time where I thought it was more important to sell a million books then it hit me that it was more important to change a million lives, thus my mission changed to, ‘To inspire a million people to live a life of significance.

Let Michael Jackson life as an entertainer challenge you to think about the imprint that your life will leave. My question to you is what is your legacy? Your answer will be determined by what history says about the quality of life you lived.

Remember your life will be defined by the Dash ( -).