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I am sorry America, Wall Street is not coming to save us. It’s time to GRUSTLE.

GRUSTLE is the combination of a daily Grind (job) and a Hustle (your passion). Most people are caught between the two and are looking for a way out, but there is only a way IN: put IN work and INvest in your dreams. In my book ‘The Brand YU Life’ the first degree (or principle) is ‘Identify Your Passion’ which is the cornerstone of Grustlin’.


Grind: A grind is a job; employment; typically your primary source of income.

Hustle: A hustle is your passion, what you would love to do full-time and what gives you the most satisfaction. It is what you typically do after you work your daily grind.

In your mind you know you can make money with your hustle, but you question whether you can make a living. This blog post was inspired by Gary Vaynerchuk’s Hustle 2.0 blog post. He basically stated that you can do them both the grind and the hustle. Most people who read my blog have a job and a passion and I am here to challenge you. You have the same 24-hours that Gary V has, he has just found a way to get more value out of his time.

I am in the same boat as you I work a full-time job and work my passion after hours staying up to at least 1AM or 2AM on most nights then having to be at work early the next day, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I don’t sleep a lot I take naps in between waking up and living my dream. The development of my personal brand has allowed me to focus on what I love to do and do it well.

What has always made America great is the spirit of creativity and entrepreneurship that has always rested on the great minds, leaders, and thinkers of our time. It’s time to get your GRUSTLE on.

Grustlin’ Since 1971. Hajj E. Flemings